IBX Nail Strengthening System

  • Award-winning nail strengthening system works deep with the nail plate to strengthen, repair and protect weak, ridged and damaged nails
  • Uses an IPN (interpenetrating polymer network) to fuse nail plate layers and prevent splitting and peeling
  • Forms a protective nail shield, perfect for application under all gel and polish manicures and pedicures
  • Applied like nail polish and cured with a heat lamp


what is the IBX nail strengthening system?

IBX is an award-winning, prescriptive nail strengthening and repairing system which can be customised to suit your needs.

The treatment is available as either:

  • a protective shield, ‘add on’ treatment prior to any gel or standard polish manicure or pedicure


  • an intensive repairing treatment to strengthen and re-condition nails that are currently damaged. To achieve optimum results, a minimum of 6 intensive repairing treatments will be necessary
what nail conditions can the system treat?

When taken a as a course of treatment, IBX is effective in the repair of mild to severe nail damage, treating a wide range of issues including peeling, splitting, weak and ridged nails, reducing ‘white spots’ and improving natural nail colour and appearance.

Our protective ‘add on’ IBX treatment is the perfect base for any polish or gel manicure or pedicure, ensuring your nails stay in tip-top condition and ensuring your manicure or pedicure really goes the distance.

how does the treatment work?

IBX works like a double-sided sticky tape, fusing together damaged areas of the nail plate through the application of an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN). Unlike standard strengthening products, this patent-pending formula locks itself within the nail plate as a permanent strengthening component that will never need removal.

what results should I expect?

Following a course of IBX treatment, finger or toe nails will be smoother, stronger and healthier, with a dramatic reduction in ‘white spots’, ridges, splitting, tearing and peeling.

where will my treatment be carried out?

We have a beautiful, spacious, purpose-designed treatment room in which all of our nail treatments are carried out.* The treatment room may be occupied by a maximum of two therapists and clients at any one time, however clients will often have the room to themselves. *During busy periods we may open additional treatment rooms for nail treatments.

Time Price Course of 6
IBX Protect (‘add on’ treatment)
Protective shield for use under polish or gel manicures & pedicures 15 mins £10 N/A
IBX Intensive Repair (standalone treatment)
Intensive reconditioning and repair system for severely damaged nails 30 mins £20 £108


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“I love gel manicures but didn’t love the damage removal of the gel caused to my nails. Now I always have an IBX protective treatment before manicures to keep my nails in tip top condition- and my gel polish seem to last even longer as a result!

Laura | Aged 27 | Tadcaster Road

“I’d worn acrylic nails for years in my twenties and ten years on, my nails were still damaged and weak as a result. I’ve had 2 courses of IBX and my nails are stronger and longer than they have ever been.”

Lucinda | Aged 32 | York

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