• Ancient hair removal method from the East
  • face etc… was the first to bring threading treatments to York back in 2003!
  • Uses twisted cotton to quickly and effectively pull out unwanted hair
  • Effectively removes fine facial hair and shapes brows
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, with no wax or topical products used in treatment
  • Results last up to three weeks


what is threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal method originating from Eastern countries such as Egypt and India, which is becoming increasingly popular here in the West. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, with greater speed and accuracy than tweezing.

how is the treatment carried out?

The technique is performed by twisting a piece of cotton thread and using it as a ‘mini lasso’ to gently pull out unwanted hairs. When it comes to keeping necessary thread tension, our aestheticians each employ their own, unique technique, with some preferring to hold the loose thread in their teeth, and others in between their fingers. Whichever technique is adopted, threading is totally hygienic, with nothing but a sanitised length of thread coming in to contact with the skin during treatment.

which areas are suitable for threading?

Threading is most suitable for removing fine and ‘downy’ hair as is often on the face, including  the lip, chin and cheeks. The technique is also extremely effective for shaping both ladies and gents eyebrows.

how does the treatment feel?

As with any epilation technique, the hair is pulled from the skin, with some clients experiencing more discomfort than others. The benefit of threading is undoubtedly the speed of the treatment, meaning any mild discomfort is incredibly short-lived. Many clients will experience a mild reddening of the skin after treatment, but this usually subsides within a few minutes.

do you offer threading treatments for men?

Abnsolutely. However as threading is most suitable for removing fine and ‘downy’ hair, the only gents threading treatment we offer is eyebrow shaping. For more details please scroll down to the Threading pricelist, below.

Ladies Threading Treatments  Price 
Eyebrows, Lip or Chin £10
Any 2 of the Above £15
Half Face (Lip, Chin, Sideburns & Cheeks) £18
Full Face (As above, plus Eyebrows) £22
Gents Threading Treatments Price 
Eyebrows £10
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“One of my friends recommended I try face etc… when I was complaining about my unruly brows and I’ve been seeing Steph for brow shaping ever since. She has managed to create an arch to my brows that I never thought possible. And the fact that she is so lovely is an added bonus!”

Gemma | Aged 37 | York

“I have sensitive skin that has reacted to waxing in the past, so threading is the perfect alternative for me. It’s great that face etc… is in the centre of York as I can pop in for threading on my lunch break and be finished in 15 minutes flat.”

Helen | Aged 32 | Fulford

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