IPL Red Vein Removal

  • A long-term solution to unsightly vascular concerns
  • Effective in the treatment of red flushing (rosacea), thread veins (spider naevi) and red spots (Campbell De Morgan)
  • Suitable for treatment of vascular concerns affecting the face, décolleté and hands
  • Quick and effective with minimal risk and downtime
  • Visible results after just a few sessions


what is IPL red vein removal?

Our red vein removal system utilises the latest Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL) to safely and effectively provide a long term solution to facial vascular concerns such as rosacea, thread veins and red spots as well as certain unsightly leg veins.

how does the treatment work?

Our intense pulsed light system emits light which is readily absorbed by blood vessels, heating them to a point where they are destroyed. Following treatment, the vessels quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.

how is the treatment carried out?

Prior to treatment, a consultation is conducted in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment. There is also an opportunity for any questions you may have to be answered and time for a small patch test to be carried out*. Treatment begins with a thin layer of chilled gel being applied to the skin to aid light absorption by the vessel. The light applicator is then place on the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area has been treated. The chilled gel is removed and the area cooled. During treatment, protective eye wear will be provided.

*£20 charge for test patch, redeemable against any IPL treatment

am I suitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable for treatment, with the best results often achieved by clients who have fair skin, for whom there is also less risk of side effects. The best response tends to be seen with facial thread veins, spider naevi and rosacea.

what results should I expect?

Following treatment, vessels at the treatment site will quickly clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little-to-no trace of the original lesion. Skin tone will appear more even and the complexion healthier and brighter.

how many treatments will I need?

Typically 3 to 6 treatments are needed for maximum results, through small lesions may clear in just a single session. Repeat treatments are usually taken at 4 to 6 week intervals.

how does the treatment feel?

Treatment sensation varies but is often described as a “flick of an elastic band”. Typically no anaesthesia is required and most clients describe the discomfort as moderate and tolerable.

is there any down time?

After treatment the area may feel warm for a few hours. Particularly delicate areas such the cheeks or decollete can be red and slightly swollen for up to 48 hours. Though uncommon, there is some risk of a small blister forming and of temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.

Price Per Treatment Course of 6
Minimum charge £40 £200
Nose £40 £200
Spider Naevi From £40 £200
Red Spots (Campell De Morgan) From £40 £200
Cheeks £60 £300
Mouth area £60 £300
Hands £60 £300
Neck £75 £375
Décolleté £125 £625
Full Face £150 £750
Legs- localised area Confirmed at consultation
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“After just a few treatments the red veins on my nose had almost cleared up. I can’t believe I lived with them for so long before undergoing such a simple and effective treatment.”

Andrew | Aged 38 | Knaresborough

“Rosacea on my cheeks totally ruined my confidence to the point where I used to dread leaving the house. IPL treatment with Brigid has not only resolved my problem but boosted my confidence dramatically. I’ll never be able to thank her enough.”

Alex | Aged 46 | Woodthorpe

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